This Week in Brian Tamaki News: Still Nasty

Once again, Density Destiny Cult leader and earthquake expert* Brian Tamaki has managed to grace the front page of this fine blog. Last time around, he was blaming earthquakes on the LGBTQ+ community, something that rightfully provoked nationwide condemnation. This time, Tamaki decided to treat us all to his opinion about the ongoing trainwreck that is American politics these days.

It all started when Minister for Internal Affairs and United Future leader Peter Dunne posted an open letter to the freshly inaugurated US President Donald Trump, some of the highlights include:

We know a little about this in New Zealand, especially those of us who went through the Muldoon years

To compare Trump to the Muldoon years is quite apt, after all the National Party lost the popular vote in two elections! Yet thanks to FPP, they were able to continue as the largest party in Parliament.

he still has his admirers – politicians prepared to deny reality if they think there is a heart string to be plucked, or a vote to be gained.

The above is a clear attack on NZ First, who promote protectionist economic policies. One of Muldoon’s policies included the state-sponsored construction of infrastructure projects that have since been sold off to generate wealth for private interests. Subsequently, many left-wing New Zealanders have some degree of admiration for Muldoon, even though the socially conservative aspects of his government are much less palatable.

some politicians are calling for a ban on sales of houses there to people with foreign sounding names to solve the problem

And an attack on the Labour Party, which applied the name method to study the proportion of houses sold to overseas buyers. Keep in mind that a ban on overseas buyers would have nothing to do with what surname an overseas buyer may have, that they live outside of New Zealand is the variable of interest. Had the government collected more information about house sales, Labour wouldn’t have even needed to perform the study.

The problem is our media is still not completely cowered yet, (we do not have an equivalent of Fox News here)

As for Fox News, we have the NZ Herald, which has a clear National Party bias. Plus given the moves for NZME and Fairfax to merge, if/when our media starts to cower it will be the one massive organisation that capitulates and then sane viewpoints will find it even harder to get through.

 those of us who believe in politics based on evidence, reason and common sense (the shared values of our community)

Your government’s policies aren’t based on evidence or reason. If they were then policies to solve the Auckland housing issue would have been implemented instead of doing nothing and accusing the Opposition of being xenophobic. Your government would never have partially privatised the state-owned enterprises whose sale failed to deliver the promised revenue while power bills have increased beyond the rate of inflation. If government policy was based on evidence and reason, then real action would have been taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions instead of some dodgy carbon-credit accounting. And don’t get me started on common sense, which is nothing more than personal ignorance which only appears to be sensible.

The above is an example of constructively disagreeing with the claims made by Dunne. Now, let’s see how Brian Tamaki handled Dunne’s open letter:

Its time for this “Rat” Peter Dunne to be turfed out of Parliament..he’s a weak..pathetic specimen of a man..this sort of gutless politician is rife in our NZ politics and is responsible for a lethargic depressing kind of politics for sometime..President Donald Trump is the closest thing of seen to a “True Politician” and “Leader” for a very long time..can only pray to God NZ would get one like him one day..

So Tamaki supports Trump, I shouldn’t be so surprised. After all, I previously pointed out that he is a greedy, narcissistic bigot. Tamaki presumably sees Trump as a kindred spirit. Televangelist fraudsters in the US also support Trump, who embodies their unashamed lust for money and shameless flaunting of wealth. In his tirade, he has nothing but personal abuse and blind assertions about the state of politics. This demonstrates the lack of depth in Tamaki’s ideology. For him politics is not about improving society, it is about self-promotion and exercising power for his own benefit. All the religion stuff is just window-dressing. Plus he can’t get full stops right!

It’s also slightly ironic that Tamaki chose to attack Dunne considering United Future’s history as a Christian-conservative party. That they are at odds now is indicative of Dunne’s unprincipled political chamelionism and the myriad of single-issue groups who tried to make it to Parliament under UF’s faux-reasonable image . The Wikipedia chart for NZ Christian political parties is hilarious because: (1) it is a complete mess (2) it is full of failure and (3) the Tamaki inspired Destiny Church Party merged with part of UF to form the “Family” Party!

To conclude: Dunne should stop trying to defend neoliberal economics and he should realise that it is the liberal Left that has the people-orientated policies and the moral high-ground that will stop Trumpian fascism in its tracks. Tamaki should find something meaningful to say instead of some empty angry words. Until then, we should treat him with the contempt that he deserves.

*Not actually an earthquake expert.

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