It’s My One-Year Bloggiversary!

Bloggiversary: n, occasion denoting that a person has been blogging for one year.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been at this for a year already. In that time, I have produced 39 posts and racked up over 200 views! Much of this was the result of interest in my posts about the video game Elite Dangerous. Judging from the search engine terms which resulted in views, my posts probably didn’t answer many of the questions that the CMDRs had. Sorry if I wasted your time!

My post about predatory conferences has also got some views, hopefully I was able to help others avoid getting trapped by the unethical organisations involved in this practice. No news about how the FTC is going along with their case against OMICS Group. Hopefully President Trump won’t fuck up the FTC and let OMICS get away with their crimes.

Who knows what I’ll write about over the next year? I should definitely have some incendiary opinions regarding the upcoming general election here in New Zealand. And some more Elite Dangerous posts of course. Thanks to all the blog viewers and its commenter for their contributions. It’s good for me to learn from others, just as it is good for all of you to learn from me!



3 thoughts on “It’s My One-Year Bloggiversary!

  1. Happy bloggiversary!!! It’s clearly a good occasion to add a plural-s to the commenter.

    Can this post get three meow’s in the comments?

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